Health Benefits of Camel Milk

Health benefits of camel milk come from drinking camel milk, eating butter, camel milk cheese and other products. We are used to cow’s milk for raw milk, butter, cheese, cream among other dairy products. As a result, we may be lost to the fact other domesticated animals that have equally healthy milk. 
Among them is milk from camels. Camel’s milk has been used for centuries due to its benefits to the body. Statistically, camel’s milk has been found to about ten times richer in iron ad as much as three times as much as vitamin C as the cow’s milk! Camel’s milk has very important immune enriching compounds .It boosts the body’s mechanism to ward of diseases that attack the immune system.

Health Benefits of Watermelon Seeds

Health benefits of eating watermelon seeds are not known to many people. Whenever you lay your eyes on a mouth- watering, fleshy, lusciously dripping piece of watermelon, rarely would you think about the seeds contained therein. Truth is, all you want is to eat the flesh part and probably throw away the seeds. If you ever learn about the health benefits of eating watermelon seeds, you will change your attitude towards watermelon seeds.

Chia Seeds Health Benefits

Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Chia seeds are laden with polyunsaturated fats, especially omega-3 fatty acids. This comprises of 60 percent omega-3s, hence one of the foods with the highest concentration of fatty acids and in particular, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). 
Omega 3 fatty acid is useful in the body for reducing inflammation and improving cognitive performance as well as lowering cholesterol in the bod

Amaranth Leaves Health Benefits

Health benefits of red Amaranth leaves include prevention of constipation among other great benefits. Amaranth is one of the amazing vegetable leaves to ever have wandered off the Garden of Eden was the Amaranth plant, nature’s gift to mankind. Amaranth plant grows wildly hence the natural tendencies to write it off as a weed. Far from it, the amaranth is a nutritious plant with many health benefits. Not only are its leaves delectable, its seeds are also edible and nutritious as well.

Health Benefits of Eating Mandarin

In the family of Rutacea in Asia is a shrub that bears the fruit of mandarins. Mandarin bears a spitting semblance to an orange, albeit smaller with a thin peel. The variety of mandarin includes Clementine, Tangor, Owari and Satsuma.
 Tangerine is a kind of mandarin and is the more popular mandarin. Mandarin is favorites for use as salads and can be eaten raw as well. Other uses include flavor for candies, bubble gums and ice cream.

Health Benefits of Maize Meal

Health Benefits of Maize Meal
Benefit 1: Rich in Carbohydrates
Maize is highly rich in carbohydrates. Many people would prefer maize to other energy foods to supply them with energy. Being a starchy food, it releases energy slowly in the blood stream ensuring that you stay energized the whole day. Fortified maize meal is rich in minerals and vitamins. It is rich in iron, sodium and trace elements such as manganese.  Porridge made from maize is also sweet and delicious. It is fed to young children and can be a good substitute for milk. It is usually prepared using milk. It can be enriched by adding margarine and sugar.

Litchi Fruit Health Benefits

Litchi Fruit Health Benefits
The litchi fruit originated from china. It is a seasonal fruit that is round to oval shape. The word litchi or lychee means ‘gift for loyal life’. The litchi fruit has several health benefits as we shall see in this article.
1. Cancer Prevention
The litchi fruit helps in preventing cancer. This is due to the fact that it is rich in flavonoids which help fight cancer. It is rich in Flavones, quercitin and kaemferol all of which are powerful in combating the spread of cancerous cells. Litchi fruit is useful in combating breast cancer as well.

Health Benefits of Eating Quail Eggs

Health Benefits of Eating Quail Eggs
Quail eggs are obtained from the wild quail bird, that bird which moves very fast on the ground and sometimes flies. Quail eggs are characteristically smaller than chicken eggs; they are dotted and lighter in weight. However, the nutritional value of quail eggs far surpasses those of chicken eggs as we shall find out. Quail eggs have been used for eons to treat various remedies such as asthma and coughs. Not only that, they have been used since ancient civilization to treat psoriasis and eczema. The beneficial qualities of quail eggs have led to the commercialization of the eggs.