Health Benefits of Maize Meal

Health Benefits of Maize Meal
Benefit 1: Rich in Carbohydrates
Maize is highly rich in carbohydrates. Many people would prefer maize to other energy foods to supply them with energy. Being a starchy food, it releases energy slowly in the blood stream ensuring that you stay energized the whole day. Fortified maize meal is rich in minerals and vitamins. It is rich in iron, sodium and trace elements such as manganese.  Porridge made from maize is also sweet and delicious. It is fed to young children and can be a good substitute for milk. It is usually prepared using milk. It can be enriched by adding margarine and sugar.

Benefit 2: Rich Source of Iron
Maize meal is a rich source of iron. The non-sifted maize is particularly nutritious because the germ has not been removed. It is highly nutritious and beneficial to the body. It is also protein rich. The endosperm is the energy store house. It is packed with high calories.

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